Back to what passes for normal

It was a long November. I haven’t finished my novel, though at 58,000 words it’s at the end of chapter nine, with three more chapters to go. I’m going to finish this one, read the first book, then this second book, and then plan out an end to the trilogy. I did win NaNoWriMo, my eighth win since I started this in 2004, and my first sequel (though I realised partway through it was actually the middle book of a trilogy).

I have several knitting projects in progress, most notable is a pair of socks for my karate instructor, and two secret projects. There’s a hat I’m toying with a design for (silver cabled band, rolled edge, orange crown with the cable band folded back) and a cardigan waiting patiently for two fronts and a button band. The socks are fun because I’m taking what could be a boring pair of ribbed socks and periodically breaking the ribs by purling across them.

Broken Rib sock.

This week I’ll be putting some good fibre on the spinning wheel, an orange polwarth/silk (an 85/15 blend) from Corgi Hill Farm, who dyes beautiful fibre and has interesting blends to spin. I have some of her baby camel/silk (a 50/50 blend) to play with after the polwarth/silk is done, that came in two 2oz braids. I love polwarth fibre, that and Falklands are my favourites, but I do not like spinning batts. Even very good batts, I much prefer roving. So, some beautiful Cupcake Fiber batts are on their way out of my stash to a good home.</p

Corgi Hill Farm spinning fibre.

The weather has turned wintery, first frost and snow flurries this week. Roll on summer…

4 thoughts on “Back to what passes for normal”

  1. I love Corgi Hill Farm! AnnaMarie has the best stuff to play with, and IRL she’s an absolute sweetheart, with boundless energy and humor. Not to mention that great eye for color!
    Happy spinning, and may the rest of the novel go smoothly!

  2. Love the colors!

    Completely agree about batts. I have a couple of purchased batts I’m trying to spin up now…and then never again.

    Since we processed the Jacobs ourselves this summer, they are also in batts. It is sort of ok given the fiber…but I’ll. Be glad when we have it sent to a mill next year.

  3. I wish I could get hold of these books of yours in “chunk of dead tree that fits on your pillow with room left for your head” form. I have no patience with trying to read long stuff on screen, nor in the unwieldy flappy A4 printout form. =:o{

  4. That orange fiber is the most gorgeous color. I’m OK with batts, but I have learned to be picky about who I buy them from. A lot of them are just a pain to spin. Anna’s are great, though she’s not doing much of them anymore.

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