FO: The Golden Bat

My first Mochimochi Land pattern:

Golden Bat.

Pattern: Boo the bat (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Cascade 200

Needles: US3 and US6

Duration: 25th November to 6th December

Ravelry project: Double Boo

These had to remain a secret until after they went to their respective owners. One was for my karate instructor, who reminds me periodically I still haven’t made her the golden bat she asked for back in 2010. The other was for a gift swap for my knitgroup, an awesome bunch of ladies I love to hang out with.

I did different wings to the pattern, using a wing designed by a Ravelry user nosmallfeet, and I think these wings are much more bat-like than the pattern wings.

There may be a small diversion from knitting while I make some chainmail jewellry. Also I have three more chapters to write to wrap up my novel, and ten days straight vacation over Christmas and New Year. Please stand by…


  1. Oh, he’s adorable!
    Oh, wait… A gift for a karate instructor? Then he’s fierce, very fierce. And warrior-like.
    But still adorable.

  2. Love the bat!

    And chain mail jewelry sounds like fun. I have a bracelet I bought at the Renn. Fest years ago that I love.

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