Spinning FO: Ginger baby camel/silk

I got two 2oz braids of this amazing fibre in November 2011, intending to make a two-ply skein of light fingering weight yarn. It came out a little thicker than I wanted but I have 296yds to play with.

Corgi Hill Farm baby camel/silk.

Fiber: Corgi Hill Farm baby camel/silk 50/50 blend in Ginger

Construction: 2-ply

Amount: 296yards, 4oz

Tool: Majacraft Rose spinning wheel

This was the first yarn plied on my new Woolee Winder, since as everyone knows, the seventeenth wedding anniversary is Fibre Tools and Audio-Mixing. I was pleasantly surprised how much yarn fit on the bobbin, four ounces of this took up a little over half the space available and was so neatly wound.

I’d like this to grow up to be a scarf or possibly a cowl with matching fingerless mitts. It’s shiny and full of drape, there’s not much body to the yarn and I think it will block nicely.

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  1. It’s wonderful to see that clever innovations can still (i.e. less than 30 years ago!) be made in such a long-established – and seemingly simple – mechanical invention. Makes you wonder how many other tricks the human race has missed all this time! =:o}

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