Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

I’m working my way through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards, and one of the early exercises is to copy an upside-down line drawing. Right-side up, this is what I got:

Upside down drawing.

There’s a few lines out of place or missing, and the hands went badly for me, possibly because I was thinking of them as hands and not just lines. But I’m pleasantly shocked at how well this came out and I’m ploughing through the rest of the book. It’s rather word-heavy, especially for a book saying that the problem is the left side word-centric brain is the part that can’t draw, but there’s useful information there.

I’m also looking at The Natural Way To Draw by Kimon Nicolaides as a possible follow-on book.

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  1. I’ve got the Nicolaides book somewhere in my collection. I remember enjoying working with it, but I haven’t looked at it for a long time. (It may even be missing, a victim of one of my many many moves…)
    Another interesting exercise is to draw something without looking down at the page. The results can be really surprising!

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