Writing a novel

This is my tenth year participating in NaNoWriMo, hoping for my ninth win (2012 was a blowout for several darned good reasons). I thought I was writing a different story, and it turned out to be a prequel to my series. Book 1 is finished, book 2 is almost done written, book 3 is planned for a future novel-writing month. I have a vague plan to write all of the pieces then edit them en masse.

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  1. I envy your persistence. Have fun with it! =:o}

    It just dawned on me that I now personally know more authors than I could ever hope to keep up with the written output of. And that’s just the “properly published” ones! (Zander just joined that list, BTW. It’s only one short story in an on-line magazine, so far, but it still counts! =:o} )

    This is not unique among fannish circles – after all, part of the point of SF conventions is to get to meet your favourite authors, and sometimes you don’t realise until later that the person you’ve been making friends with while you wait in the queue to nervously shake A. Siriusli Bigortha’s hand and then run away – or in the bar afterwards as you steady you nerves with a pint – is an author too! But I came in pretty late to that side of fannishness, being a shy guy at heart. Even back in my Doctor Who con-going days I never struck up conversations with strangers, and so never made any new friends who were even fanficcers, let along Proper Writers. Filkdom let me sneak into “social fandom” via the back door. Or do I mean that it sneaked fannish and authorly social connections in via *my* backdoor…? =:o}

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