The Artist’s Way – first Artist Date

I joined a group on Facebook going through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron over the course of a year. The book is written as a 12 week course on creativity. Two of the practices introduced in the first chapter are the Artist Date, and Morning Pages. For my first Artist Date I went looking for blocks of colour and found these:

Sunrise and pylons

Lemon yellow

Mango green and red

Light through honey

Morning Pages is something I didn’t expect to like, three pages of handwritten text first thing in the morning, all output and no input. It was drilled into me at school that I have horrible handwriting and the morning pages are fast, trying to make the hand keep up with the mind. I started out as an ambidextrous child, and my primary school teacher decided I had to stop using my left hand. Didn’t get a choice in that one, I was maybe 5 years old. I think if I’d been allowed to use both hands, I would have favoured the left.

So far I have 54 pages of scrawl written in my green notebook and I’m not letting myself think about the quality of the handwriting. Morning Pages are a lot like Natalie Goldberg’s writing practice from Writing Down The Bones, keep your hand moving, don’t edit, don’t think. I’ve seen nuggets from stories go past in the morning pages, odd descriptions, some rants, lots of to-do lists, and what I can hear in the house first thing and see out of the window. I haven’t gone back to read any of what I’ve written yet, I’m thinking I may when I’ve filled the notebook, I have 190 pages to go and I should get there in 63 days on 23rd March. Plenty of time to find a second notebook to fill.

6 thoughts on “The Artist’s Way – first Artist Date”

  1. Once I started looking, I kept seeing blocks the rest of the day, winter-browned grass, clear blue skies, and those grubby snow-bergs leftover from the Polar Vortex week. It was nice to wander around and slow down enough to properly look.

  2. I love the idea of looking for color, especially in the cold, dreary sometimes gray winter! Sounds like a plan for me this week. My morning pages are going well. I have written 60–count ’em–6o pages as of today. I think this is about the longest stretch of morning pages I’ve down since I first encountered The Artist’s Way. And the writing is paying off in other ways. I have picked up my camera again after a dry spell, and though my photographs are not worth showing off (just experimenting and playing), I’m beginning to fall back in love with it. And I’ve picked up my crafting, making my 2014 book of days (after taking a couple of years off). Now, it’s time for me to get up and get moving again!

  3. So glad I came here via your link in the group! Your pictures are beautiful and I’m inspired to go on my Artist’s date which I’ve been putting off. I just got back into my Morning Pages too. I never read mine back! 😛

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