Lessons learned

Happy, well-rested people are the best people to work with. So use your vacation days and rest
If it can be null, it will be null. So don’t let it be null.
Be kind to yourself like you would be kind to a friend. Check on your people to see how they’re doing
Dates and times are hard, daylight savings time is worse
If your sleep is messed up, that could be a warning sign that you need some professional help
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Hanlon’s Razor: never mistake for malice anything that can be explained by incompetence
The full text of War and Peace is freely available from Project Gutenberg as test data
The No Asshole rule: anyone can be a temporary asshole because of poor sleep, a fight with their partner, a sick child or [insert emergency here], but don’t be a permanent asshole
Elevated stress levels mess up your knitting gauge and make the stitches too tight
Many experiments will fail, but that’s no reason not to try them anyway

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