Dusting off the old blog

A Now page is a dated update about what I’m currently focused on. And it has been over two years since I wrote one. It feels like a good time to bring the blog out of mothballs and poke at it. Today is Tuesday 8th November, 2022.

Thinking about
US Midterm elections. Yes, I voted.

Trying out Mastodon instead of Twitter, found a server I like and the internet there feels like I joined a BBS with the cool kids but they’re not being all snobby and exclusive and I can play.

Grateful for
I’m taking a week of PTO and it is “unplugged,” which means I got temporarily booted off work Slack on my phone. It is delightful and I’m actually resting, which I really need.

Cats are great barometers of physical and mental health. One of mine has been clingy and following me around more than usual, he knew something was off before I figured it out. Thanks, TJ Maxx Planck.

Broken by Jenny Lawson which includes her TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) experience.
Third Girl by Agatha Christie, I’m still on a Poirot kick, liking him more in the later books because he is more developed as a character and less of an annoying know-it-all.

Craft and Creating
Working on two knitted hats for different males with large noggins. Seems this is a problem for them and they can’t get hats to fit. One in sock-weight yarn, one in sport-weight.

I have some green wood waiting for me to carve it into spoons, the blanks I got are roughed out by axe and knife. Cherry for two pieces and holly for a third, which is a new wood to me. There’s a USPS box of green wood billets taking up a whole shelf in the freezer that I need to decant and explore, I’m planning to saw one billet into three and make scoops or fidget pieces.

I got a Pixel Watch and it’s small enough I don’t feel like I’ve strapped a minivan to my wrist. The weather app got stuck on San Francisco for a while and nothing would shift it, but that sorted itself out eventually. The Fitbit sleep tracking is nice to have.

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