Yarn Dreams

Started Sarah’s other sock twice on Tuesday night, and my purple New

Zealand Wool one once, messed both up and frogged (*) the whole lot. Depressing. I have one sock to do for each pair and they refused to cooperate. Then I dreamed I saw a ball of yarn, and thought "That’s Rowan felted tweed in Herb, that would be nice to knit with." The yarn was an important part of the dream but I can’t recall why, or what I was planning to make with it. Maybe some technical challenge, like fingerless gloves with mitten flaps? The stuff has been in my virtual yarn stash for a while, maybe it wants out.

Yertle the Turtle is waiting for a head, tail and two front flippers, then he’s all over bar the stuffing and stitching. Decided to attach the limbs to the shell first, then apply the underbelly, so the limbs stick out enough past the lip of the shell.

(* to frog [verb] – to undo or rip out a piece of knitting because it went horribly wrong.)

Geek code

Kate Pickering wrote a Knitters geek code for the new edition of Knitty. This is mine:

KER Exp++ SPM+ Steel Wood++ Bam+> Syn Cot++ Wool++ Stash+ Scale+> Fin Ent?> Flat++ Circ++ DPN++ Swatch KIP++ !EZ Blog++ SNB EZ? GaugeF+S++DK++ FO++ WIP+

Which means:

KER = Knitter, English method, Rightie

Exp++ = I’ve been knitting for more than a decade and feel confident that I can figure out whatever I need to.

SPM+ = I mostly get gifts done in time.

Steel = I use steel needles

Wood++ = really like wood needles

Bam+> = wannabee bamboo needle user

Syn+ = use synthetics

Cot++ = like cotton

Wool++ = like wool

Stash+ = When I spy a terrific yarn bargain, I’m not about to pass it up, so I’ve got a bit of a stash. I sort through it regularly, and when I start a new project, it’s usually out of my stash yarn.

Scale+> = (wannabee) Thanks to my day job, I mostly concentrate on small projects, but I manage to fit in a sweater a year.

Fin = I hate this part (finishing), but you have to do it. I always try to keep it simple, and I weave in ends or sew seams as I go so it isn’t so bad at the end.

Ent?> = not tried entrelac, but would like to

Flat++ = Flat knitting [you do seams]

Circ++ = Circular knitting [you avoid seams]

DPN++ = Double-pointed needles [4 or 5]

Swatch = I embrace the swatch

KIP++ = I knit in public

Blog++ = Of course I have a weblog

SNB = I’ve read Stitch n Bitch

EZ? = Who is Elizabeth Zimmermann?

GaugeF+S++DK++ = I use fingering, sport, double knitting weight yarn

FO++ = Multiple finished objects

WIP+ = No more than four projects currently in progress

For comparison, this is my standard geek code: (decode it here, just paste in the whole thing)


Version: 3.1

GS d- s-: a? C++ U– P L- !E W++ N- !o K? w+ !O M>+ !V PS- PE- Y+ PGP t+ 5++ X !R tv b++++ DI++++ D G e++ h— r+++ x?


Zoo Along!

My first ever knit-a-long and I don’t have to break my yarn diet to do it! Kitten Avec Whip! and the knitlette are hosting a Zoo along

Zoo Along.

You have to knit a toy. Perfect timing, I just got Kath

Dalmeny’s World of knitted toys out of the library, and I already have the yarn to make the turtle (Paton’s Knit and Save again, circa 1997-98). It’ll look a bit different to the book, with a blue and green shell, and beige legs and head, but it will be called Yertle the Turtle, and I’m knitting it for Roxanne.

Yarn Diet

I’m going on a three month yarn diet, April through June. I have a yarn

store trip planned for 4th of July weekend, going to teach Sehlat how to knit a funky little

item, probably a summer scarf from eyelash yarn, and I’d like to pick up

some Brown Sheep yarn, and maybe a book. But that’s July. Until then…I’m

accountable to you. My virtual stash

will probably overflow.

Yarn Diet. No more yarn.

Meantime I have two pairs of socks on the go, two requests for mini-socks

(which should be doable in two evenings, hopefully), and the Eternal Sweater. If I cast on and get the ribbing out of the way, the rest is all cabled goodness. Start and finish the front and I only have one arm left to do, and the final assembly. It must be complete for August 2005. Some cotton yarn in the closet is waiting to be turned into socks, and I’d like to try entrelac, anyone have any hints on doing it and remaining sane?

Then there’s this book, Kath

Dalmeny’s World of knitted toys by Kath Dalmeny and Carolyn Clewer. I

snagged it from the library today, and fell in love with the platypus, dolphin, racoon, sheep, turtle, penguin, and pig patterns, they are too cute! I even have a beige pig colour in my stash, some elderly Paton’s acrylic I got in England for a Wallace and Gromit picture sweater I never started.

I think I have to set myself a limit of three projects in

progress, including socks. More just feels wrong. But I’d love to try the platypus! As soon as I finish the socks. And the mini socks. And the ribbing on the sweater. Must finish the sweater!

Odds and socks

Watching Gothika on DVD last night, scary movie. The DVD player got to one point on the film and refused to go any further. It also refused to open the tray and spit out the offending disc, or respond to any commands other than shut down. Highly odd, and more than a little creepy given the film is about a vengeful ghost who is quite proficient at operating computers, doors, and lighting systems.

But while not-looking at the screen during scary bits, I managed to start and finish this:

It’s a mini sock about 2 inches from cuff to heel, using the Mermaid sock pattern from Lucy Neatby’s “Cool socks, warm feet.” I’m working on the pair, which will be released in a local geocache as a Travel Bug. It’s going to be called “Hiking Socks” or “Itchy Feet,” Hubby hasn’t decided on a goal for it yet. My travel bug went from St Louis to Southern England, via Chicago and Florida. We’re hoping this one gets a decent distance jumping from cache to cache.