Circle Line flashbacks

It would be really nice if a Chronicle macro could insert HTML tags, especially paragraph, bold, italic, image and link tags. Those are all the ones I’d use regularly. Definitely the image tag, because a chap called Steve MacLaughlin made this blogsticker, which I love.

I remember walking around London until my feet hurt, stopping off at Jack Horner’s pub of Tottenham Court Road for dinner, plunging back down into the bowels of the London Underground, and at every stop, hearing a cultured male voice intone “Mind the gap.” Walking from the far end of Regent Street, past Harley Street, through Soho, across Leicester Square, past Covent Garden, along Oxford Street, down Tottenham Court Road and back to Waterloo Station is a lot of walking. I wish the place in Liverpool Street station that did Black Forest doughnuts had an export business. I wish I knew where that pigeon was going, the one I saw get on one stop past Liverpool Street station on the Circle Line and get off two stops later, and how often it travelled on the tube.

On the London Underground, no matter how far down you go, there always seems to be a station or line running another level below. Even at the double depth stations. How far down is the water table in London anyway?


My Social Security Number finally arrived! I am not a free person, I am a number! Woohoo! The last obstacle between me and a job is no more. And it only took 4 1/2 weeks, instead of the two I was told.

Got a lovely java compiler message the other day:

Error: File modified in the future

Caffeine overload

Never eat a piece of caffeinated candy after midday if you want to sleep.

The St Louis Rams football team beat the Green Bay Packers team 45 to 17 yesterday. A 28 point lead is almost embarrassing. Watched it at the Pageant, just off U City loop, with Sarah and Larry. A couple of hundred rabid fans in a big dark room with a wall-sized TV and a bar. Scary.

Paul found a handful of companies that offer hosting with the features we want that aren’t that expensive. I wish CQhost would answer all the questions we sent in one go, rather than just the ones they want to answer. I wish they’d read the question before answering too.

Guideposts Magazine

Got a copy of the January issue of Guideposts Magazine in the mail. They are starting a series on depression, and list three websites in the article sidebar: National Foundation for Depressive Illness (, National Institute of Mental Health (, and “For a Christian perspective, click on”

Three websites. Two government sites, and Christian Depression Pages, which is run by two Brits, an American and an Icelander. The website I started in 1996 was listed in a print magazine which currently goes to 3,300,000 homes. Weeble. CDP January stats show nearly 48,000 hits in 18 days.

Created a pop up menu for Chronicle.


The signal to noise ratio on paper mail is horribly low. Six bits of noise in the box today and not one signal, especially not the signal I’m waiting for. People say that if junk email cost money to send there would be less of it, but I get an awful lot of junk paper mail too. Bill Bryson proposed tearing up their reply card and mailing it back in their own envelope, thus doubling their costs.


I feel tired. After two days spent largely asleep I still feel tired. I still have the attention span of a block of cheese. I’ve GOT to get back to my HTML class. It’s not fair to go offline when they’re getting to the interesting bit.

What’s the point of viruses anyway? What useful purpose do they serve? Even wasps have a purpose, as the garbage disposal unit of the garden, but what do viruses do other than cause strife?