Tweets for the week of August 7th

  • Indian food for lunch, at the one place I’ll happily eat all vegetarian food. So long as there’s a veggie korma and rice pudding. #
  • The dark side is calling me… I’ll have to crochet an edging on my scarf and I’m almost looking forward to learning the dreaded art. #
  • But if I do learn crochet, I can make the amigurumi zombie, ninja and robot… #
  • Knitting with my own handspun yarn ROCKS! Though it is over-twisted, must work on that. Planning pink crochet edging on tawny scarf. #
  • First attempt at crochet a screaming disaster, I can do the chain, but how do you get onto the second row? And it looked awful! #
  • Second attempt at crochet, still screaming but quietly. Rows getting shorter and shorter. #
  • Will persevere with crochet, I am not going to lose a fight with a hook, darnit! Want pretty pink crochet edging for beige handspun scarf. #
  • Americans ask the South African guy if he’s English, they ask the English if we’re Australian, so what do they ask the Australians? #
  • Got married 14 years ago, and the traditional 14th anniversary gift is ROBOTS! Love you @paul_s_hawke #
  • Made the chef at Harvest giggle, I hate hummus and corn, but I ate both and loved them tonight, the guy can COOK. #

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Tweets for the week of July 31st

  • How can two plumbing quotes be THAT far apart for the same work? No way is guy #1 getting the job. #
  • 27lb of cat litter costs $12, 40lb of the same brand costs $6. Nope, still doesn’t make sense. #
  • Tour de Fleece final skein, 198yds of 2-ply merino/bamboo drying in the bathroom. And it’s pink. I don’t much like pink. #
  • Assembled table and cabinet, still to go: two bookshelves, one dresser, and a partridge in a pear tree. Need cheese fries. #
  • Sat at my new table by the window, I love my new table and the slidey-out-tray thing on one leg. New bookcase is alarmingly tall though. #
  • Got my first karate injury last night, a fingernail to the chin, it bled. Sparring next week, 6 techniques left to learn for purple belt! #
  • Whoever stole summer, please return it, we want our searing heat and humidity back before we forget what the sun looks like. No more rain! #
  • Excited about new a-ha CD "Foot of the Mountain", but it’s IMPORT ONLY! The samples sound great too. Buggerit! #
  • My gi top makes me look like a hippo, albeit a hippo that could kick you in the head and break a few ribs. I love group class! #
  • To whoever parked an identical car nose-to-nose with mine outside Target: you got me real good! #

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Tweets for the week of July 24th

  • Diving into a huge ball of pink fluff to be spun, think I need two more bobbins to keep from getting bored through big (for me) projects. #
  • I know all the songs on all the CDs in my car, and all the other CDs are in boxes. Need new music before I chew my own arm off. #
  • Love the Atlantic Ocean. #
  • Watched my instructor win senior women’s sparring, then Grand Champion women’s sparring at the UKA karate tournament today in Eureka MO! #
  • Want to clear the space in the basement to practise my techniques and katas after seeing the tournament versions. #
  • Brewing up tea to dye my handspun mohair, feel like a mad scientist! Keeping notes in case it works so it can be repeated. #
  • Planning a blueberry maple pie with cornmeal crust, then a maple cream pie, and maybe another cherry pie before the fruit runs out. #
  • Huddled around my mug of tea for warmth, wrapped up in the fuzzy blue blanket from the car, wishing for my lap cat. And it’s 21C outside! #
  • Once in a while, it turns out that ripping out a wall is the best thing you could have done. Also hiring a contractor with ethics. #
  • She knit socks, there’s no going back now. Sehlat is a Knitter and she even has a stash of sock yarn! Spinning is the next logical step… #
  • There’s tight knitting, my bulletproof 9st/in, then Sehlat’s tank plating: 12 st/in with sock yarn on size US3. Wowza, I thought I was bad! #
  • Glory hallelujah, the pink fluff is all spun up! Plying tomorrow, expecting a decent light fingering weight. #

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Tweets for the week of July 17th

  • Since when did ad-blocking get equated to stealing? I decide what I download, not you! #
  • Completed a Java coding exercise, and put JUnit tests around it. Feeling accomplished! #
  • We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Chicago, with his pet skeletal T-rex, and Swedish furniture. #
  • "You are coming to a sad realisation, cancel, or allow?" I don't think my snug pierce is compatible with my karate sparring helmet. #
  • Missed the T-Rex, but got an awesome unfinished wood table for my craft room from Ikea, and visited Elgin Vineyard. #
  • All we want to do is eat your brains. We're not unreasonable, I mean no-one's gonna eat your eyes. #
  • RIP snug pierce, I liked you a lot. We had a good year together and you served your purpose. PS, I'm already plotting your replacement. #
  • Hoping to finish the suri/icelandic spining tonight for Tour de Fleece. Plying tomorrow, then onto something pink and fluffy. #
  • Going to watch the karate tournament in Eureka on Saturday, want to see the black belts sparring and doing katas. #
  • Second Tour de Fleece skein complete, 117yds 2 ply 60/40 blend of suri alpaca and Icelandic wool. Pink merino bamboo next. #
  • Quote of the day: "It was working till I asked them to fix it." #

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Tweets for the week of July 10th

  • Nothing says organization like 280 index cards and a terabyte backup hard drive. #
  • Baked cherry pie from scratch with Hubby for 4th of July family get together. #
  • First 4th of July as US citizens! Lit fireworks for the first time in our lives, huge fun, clouds of smoke and LOUD! #
  • Hole-in-the-wall Mexican, the Cupcake bar, an adoring cat, Lady Gaga, and spinning mohair on the wheel. #
  • First tour de fleece skein complete, 102yds of 2 ply kid mohair. Next! #
  • "Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so." Ford Prefect in ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams. #
  • Kicked the bag over in group class! First time ever! #
  • What if I dyed my handspun yarn with tea? The end product would be spun, plied, dyed, AND knitted. Must try this! #
  • Finished first bobbin of suri/icelandic for Tour de Fleece. Goal is two well-plied skeins by 26th July, and I already have one. #

Tweets for the week of July 3rd

  • Found out Michael Jackson died in the Mac store. Didn’t believe it till we saw it on the BBC website too. Weird. #
  • Committing acts of recursion, feels like standing between two mirrors. Also, no, MJ didn’t die in the Mac store. #
  • Really like teaching people to knit. Also seeing someone realise the value of a lifeline when they dropped a stitch down multiple rows. #
  • Laclede Gas said our appointment would be between 8 and 12. Their guy turned up at 11:57. #
  • Fascinated with Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Does the restaurant ever end up succeeding? #
  • Halfway through techniques for my purple belt! And we get to spar next week. Yay! #
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, "Instead of the cross, the Albatross About my neck was hung." #
  • Curious: what kind of lady drives a big black SUV with a "Gangster Grandma" sticker in the back window? Would love to meet her. #
  • Cannot believe how fast the birdseed is getting eaten, they will be too fat to fly at this rate! Feeder emptied in 2 days flat. #

Tweets for the week of June 26th

  • Citizenship ceremony starts in seven hours. Will not be handing back the British accent at the courthouse. #
  • Found a sewing pattern I might have to try. Haven’t sewn anything in YEARS and my sewing machine has no motor, just a turn handle. #
  • Is now a US citizen! Heading to Nashville to celebrate. #
  • 4am, I hate insomnia. #
  • Running around Nashville with Lara and Scott. #
  • Home from Nashville, lightly sunburned after a fantastic weekend. #
  • Learned 2 new techniques, have to do all 3 katas for next week. Huge fun throwing my instructor on the mat! #
  • Planning for Tour de Fleece 2009, starting some suri alpaca fibre on the wheel today to wind down after visiting the DMV. #
  • From cold grey rain all the time, to record temperatures and a heat

    advisory. Hello, St Louis weather! #

  • Even total strangers welcome us when they hear we’re new US citizens,

    love this country! Miss my green card though. #

  • We can’t travel till we get our US passports. Feels oddly claustrophobic to not have the docs to get back into the country we live in. #
  • Sudden attack of logic: if you want to practice plying, spinning in 2oz batches gets there faster than a 4oz batch. #

Tweets for the week of June 19th

  • Pleasantly surprised I can still walk this morning. John said the worst will hit me on Saturday… #
  • Finished the short story just in time for the weekend, with help from Hubby. #
  • Finished the heel of first "Fungus the Bogeyman" sock, not loving the lace pattern though. Maybe it’ll grow on me, like fungus. #
  • Ahead melodrama factor ten! Aye aye captain. #
  • Hubby made breakfast at home. Bacon, mushroom, egg, french toast, yum. #
  • Three non-church activities going on today. One will have to be missed, the other two should rock!. #
  • ENOUGH with the drama. Stop it RIGHT now. #
  • First seeds of a NaNoWriMo novel taking shape. #
  • Spent most of the church picnic actually being sociable. Must be a record. #
  • "veil of deceit and secrecy", nice try but it’s a bit too cliched to use in a story. #
  • 6 techniques and two katas down for purple belt! 14 techniques and a lot of polishing to go. #
  • Finished the heel of first "Fungus the Bogeyman" sock, not loving the

    lace pattern though. Maybe it’ll grow on me, like fungus. #

  • Another massive lightening storm last night. Can it be summer time now please? With dryness and sunshine? #
  • Handspun yarn feels too precious to use, but a handspun handknit hat would be a wonderful thing. #
  • Lasted through karate class and didn’t wilt on way home. Maybe I need another challenge. Like the Friday class… #
  • NaNoWriMo 2009 here I come, I have a plot bunny! And it’s a productive little fellow. #
  • Blocking a lace scarf on my striped towel purchased for this purpose alone. #
  • Marie Brennan’s "In Ashes Lie" is in the house, and I have to go to work 😦 #
  • Only one day left of being a resident Alien. Swearing in ceremony on Friday at the courthouse. #
  • You like monkeys, you like ponies, maybe you don’t like monsters so much? Maybe I used too many monkeys? #
  • Isn’t it enough to know I ruined a pony making a gift for you? (Jonathan Coulton, "Skullcrusher Mountain") #
  • Another unsuspecting friend falls prey to the music of Jonathan Coulton: "Code monkey get up get coffee, code monkey go to job." #