About the site

The tagline for my blog is:

English/American living in St. Louis, USA.
Read, write, knit, spin, weave, karate, geek, science.

This is the portion of my life I choose to place online, assuming the people I would least like to read it are checking in every hour to get the latest updates. Employers, bosses, people I should have written to ages ago and didn’t, people I lost track of, people who can’t stand me, people who were in the blind spot of my car when I pulled out on the highway, everyone. Anyone.

You are free to comment on my blog, but once you do, I may censor, or delete your comment at will. Play nice, and this won’t happen. You are responsible for your own comments, and I keep an email copy of the original comment. Honest disagreement and civil discussion are welcome, trolls, insults, and spam are not. Comments go into the moderation queue unless you’ve been comment-approved before. This is my site, and I decide what is acceptable. If your comment is unacceptable, it gets deleted.

I don’t usually refer to people or organisations by name. I have a Hubby that I love and we’ve been married since 1995. We lost our two large cats (Quantum and Tangle Mint) in November 2017 and February 2018, planning on a couple of spring kittens this year. We live in St Louis, MO. I work for an employer that I like, doing geeky stuff all day.

I started learning Chinese Kenpo karate at Tracy’s Karate in Kirkwood in November 2008 and love it, I got my black belt on Friday 13th May, 2016.

Starting in 2004, I try to write a novel every year for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November, 2012 and 2015 are the only years I’ve not completed the challenge.

Take a look in the Everything Drawer to find out more about me, read some Thoughts, or take a look at my Amazon wishlist and the Etsy wishlist.

You can also read my Now page for current thoughts, and my Then page, for previous now posts.

Significant events:

1995 Got married to Paul Hawke (from University of Surrey)
1997 Graduated with a BSc (honours) AUS in Physics with Management Studies
1998 Moved to America
1999 Wedding anniversary trip to San Diego (4 years)
2001 Wedding anniversary trip to San Antonio (6 years)
2002 Bought a house, got 2 cats, got green card, started blog
2004 Wedding anniversary trip to New York (9 years), first NaNoWriMo novel
2005 Got my ears pierced, tandem skydive
2007 Wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas (12 years)
2008 Started learning Chinese Kenpo karate at Tracy’s Karate
2009 Got US citizenship, got orange belt (1st of 8), and purple belt (2nd of 8).
2010 Wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas (15 years), blue belt (3rd of 8)
2011 Green belt (4th of 8)
2013 Wedding anniversary trip to Orlando and Clearwater FL (18 years), got my 3rd degree brown belt (5th of 8)
2014 Got my 2nd degree brown belt (6th of 8), promoted to Director of Quality Advocacy
2015 Got my 1st degree brown belt (7th of 8)
2016 Got my 1st degree black belt, Friday 13th May. 21st wedding anniversary in August.


1979-1981 Coombs Ford Primary School, Stowemarket, Suffolk
1981-1986 Broke Hall Primary School, Ipswich, Suffolk
1986-1991 Copleston High School, Ipswich, Suffolk
1991-1993 Northgate Sixth Form, Ipswich, Suffolk (Maths, Physics (A and S level), English Lit)
1993-1997 University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey (BSc. (hons) AUS Physics with Management Studies)